Broken Hill Cobalt Project Location and Site Map

Cobalt Blue is undertaking exploration and development programs on the Broken Hill Cobalt Project. The Broken Hill Cobalt Project is located 23 km west of Broken Hill, with railway line passing through the project area, and consists of four granted tenements with total area of 63km2.

The area is generally under-explored in mining terms, with the vast majority of past exploration around the outcropping pyritic cobalt deposits at Pyrite Hill and Big Hill.

The main targets for exploration in this project are well known and document large‐tonnage cobalt-bearing pyrite deposits.

Potential to extend the Mineral Resource at Pyrite Hill, Big Hill, Railway and the other prospects is high. Numerous other prospects within Cobalt Blue’s tenement package are at an early stage and under-explored.

Click to view a proposed Broken Hill Cobalt Project map in more detail.
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Broken Hill Cobalt Project Status

Cobalt Blue aims to hit a certain number of timeline targets. The diagram here shows the status of Cobalt Blue’s activities on the Broken Hill Cobalt Project milestones.

Cobalt Blue remains on-target to complete it’s stated objectives on or before the time specified.

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