The Broken Hill Cobalt Project Resource

The Broken Hill Cobalt Project comprises three large tonnage cobalt deposits (Pyrite Hill, Big Hill & Railway) hosted by an extensive sequence of pyritic-quartz-albite gneiss of the Himalaya Formation. The deposits were the subject of an updated Mineral Resource estimate released to the market on 4 April 2019 (“Significant Thackaringa Resource Upgrade”) and comprising 111 Mt at 889 ppm cobalt-equivalent (CoEq) (715 ppm Co and 7.8% S) for 79,500 tonnes contained cobalt (at a 400 ppm CoEq cut-off) (refer to Table 1 below for a complete summary by deposit and Mineral Resource classification).

Table 1. The updated Mineral Resource estimates for the Broken Hill Cobalt Project Cobalt deposits (at a 400ppm CoEq cut-off) detailed by Mineral Resource classification (CoEq = Co ppm + S % * 22.235).
Note minor rounding errors may have occurred in compilation of this table.

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