Posted by | 25 11 2020
Cobalt Blue to source ethical cobalt

Proactive Investors reports on COB's plans to source ethical cobalt from an emerging Australian mine. The ethical supply of cobalt to meet the growing global need for the tech-metal is...

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Posted by | 24 08 2020
Pilot Plant Update – 2nd Delivery of Major Equipment Received

Major items of equipment continue to arrive at COB's Broken Hill plant site. The Pilot Plant will be modular and will inform Broken Hill Cobalt Project (BHCP) Feasibility Studies as...

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Posted by | 02 06 2020
Australia’s Opportunity in the Global Cobalt Industry – featuring Cobalt Blue

Two years ago, cobalt was on its way to becoming the mining industry’s next big thing. That all changed after a turbulent crash in market value. What’s next for the...

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Posted by | 10 02 2020
Project and Future Battery Industries CRC success

COB has been awarded A$2.4 million of Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Funding from the Australian Government. COB is a participant in the Future Battery Industries CRC that was recently granted...

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