Posted by | 27 05 2021
Pilot Plant – Open Days

The Board and staff of COB welcomed local shareholders on 18 May 2021 on-site at the Pilot Plant in Broken Hill’s industrial estate area, complete with an interpretative site tour...

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Posted by | 17 05 2021
Progress Report

COB announces the successful installation and commissioning of its Broken Hill based Pilot Plant. Production of concentrate has been operating at nameplate 2 – 3 tonnes per day since the...

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Posted by | 20 04 2021
Crux Interview: 32 Buyers Testing Our Product

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest Crux Investor interview with CEO and Demonstration Plant Manager.  You can watch  the full interview at the following links:

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Posted by | 07 04 2021
Strategic Financial Advisor Appointed

The appointment of Cutfield Freeman and the commencement of this Strategic Financial Advisory mandate represents another major step forward in the development of COB’s Broken Hill Cobalt Project (BHCP). (more…)

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Posted by | 24 03 2021
Successful Groundwater Allocation

“The purchase of this groundwater allocation delivers one of the regulatory requirements for the Broken Hill Cobalt Project. This de-risks the Project by not having to purchase on market tightly...

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Posted by | 08 03 2021
Pilot Trial – Commissioning underway

Broken Hill Cobalt Project (BHCP) Pilot Plant commissioning is well underway. As previously announced, the Pilot Plant will allow COB to produce varying specifications of cobalt products (including mixed hydroxides...

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Posted by | 08 02 2021
BHCP Tenement Expansion

Cobalt Blue Holdings announces that Broken Hill Cobalt Project Pty Ltd, has received notice of the proposed grant of Exploration Licence Application 6151. (more…)

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Posted by | 25 11 2020
Cobalt Blue to source ethical cobalt

Proactive Investors reports on COB's plans to source ethical cobalt from an emerging Australian mine. The ethical supply of cobalt to meet the growing global need for the tech-metal is...

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Posted by | 24 08 2020
Pilot Plant Update – 2nd Delivery of Major Equipment Received

Major items of equipment continue to arrive at COB's Broken Hill plant site. The Pilot Plant will be modular and will inform Broken Hill Cobalt Project (BHCP) Feasibility Studies as...

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Posted by | 06 08 2020
COB Presentation Q3 2020

Download the Q3 2020 Cobalt Blue Company Presentation to get the latest highlights on COB's activities and goals. (more…)

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