Cobalt Blue Quarterly Report – September 2017

September 2017 – Highlights


Thackaringa Project

  • Commenced Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS).
  • Aerial geophysical survey launched and subsequently completed over the entirety of the Thackaringa tenements (EL6622, EL8143, ML86 & ML87).
  • Thackaringa Drilling Campaign – 40Mt Indicated Resource Target – rigs mobilised to site.
  • PFS Metallurgical Testwork has now commenced. The testwork will be centred on treating ~800 kg of ore through the proposed process: concentration; thermal treatment; leaching; and product recovery.

Cobalt Trends

  • Thrifting – Battery makers are “thrifting” (lowering) cobalt content in the cathode. This is a natural consequence in the face of stronger for longer cobalt pricing.
  • Energy Density – Higher (cobalt based) energy density batteries are entering the market increasing Electric Vehicle (EV) range and usability.
  • Fast Charge/Discharge – Battery makers are developing semi-solid and solid electrolytes supporting faster charge/discharge cycles – the goal is to fully charge an EV in 5 minutes.
  • COB’s strategy is to produce a battery grade product required, not today, but rather where demand will be in the future, as these market and enabling technology trends rollout.


  • Amended JV Agreement announced. Stage One is due for completion by 1 April 2018 followed shortly after by Pre-Feasibility Study delivery (30 June 2018).