Country University Centre Far West

The Country Universities Centre (CUC) is a not-for-profit organisation, established with the aim of making tertiary education more accessible for regional and remote communities in New South Wales.

That’s why Cobalt Blue Holdings is delighted to be in a position to provide financial and professional support to the CUC for the Far West, now located in Crystal Street Broken Hill.

Did you know that regional youth participate in tertiary education at less than half the rate of their metropolitan counterparts? The CUC bridges one of the biggest challenges faced by regional and remote students, by providing a ‘campus’ environment along with other associated support and benefits.

Based on a model that delivers supported learning to students, the CUC provides them with access to campus-level technology, facilities, tutors and a network of fellow students.

Since opening only in May 2018, the CUC is already bringing higher education degrees closer to the local community.

Photo courtesy of Country University Centre Far West