16 07 2020| News
Broken Hill Cobalt Project (BHCP) Project Update 2020

COB is pleased to present its Project Update 2020 Study. This study has delivered significant project enhancements since the PFS 2018, including increased ore reserve, longer operating life, lower capital costs and lower operating costs. (more…)

07 07 2020| News
COB – Cash Update

In Cobalt Blue Holdings Limited’s (ASX:COB) March 2020 Quarterly Report, COB stated that it expected to receive an R&D rebate, refund of government security deposits and the next CRCP grant instalment, totalling approximately $1.2 million. (more…)

02 06 2020| Media, News
Australia’s Opportunity in the Global Cobalt Industry – featuring Cobalt Blue

Two years ago, cobalt was on its way to becoming the mining industry’s next big thing. That all changed after a turbulent crash in market value. What’s next for the resource? Nickolas Zakharia finds out. (more…)

04 05 2020| News
Company Presentation 1H 2020

Download the 1H 2020 Cobalt Blue Company Presentation to get the highlights on COB's activities and goals. (more…)

28 04 2020| News
Mixed Hydroxide Product testwork delivers premium product

In preparation for the upcoming Pilot Plant trials, COB has been advancing laboratory-scale testwork at ALS Metallurgy. A 200 kg sub-sample of concentrate was taken for the laboratory-scale process development testwork program. (more…)

14 04 2020| News
Cobalt Blue March Quarterly Report

COB reports on its activities over the last quarter, including the State Significant Development application process, Pilot Plant update and the Cobalt Product and Sulphur Sample Program. (more…)

31 03 2020| News
Project update and Business Impacts of COVID-19 discussed

COB looks at current activities and assesses how they may be impacted by COVID-19. (more…)

12 02 2020| News
CEO’s Letter to Shareholders

With 2020 underway and COB moving to 100% ownership and legal title of the Broken Hill Cobalt Project (BHCP) I wish to update shareholders on our business. (more…)

10 02 2020| Feature, News
Project and Future Battery Industries CRC success

COB has been awarded A$2.4 million of Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Funding from the Australian Government. COB is a participant in the Future Battery Industries CRC that was recently granted A$25m by the Australian Government. (more…)