Our community plan

Broken Hill is Australia’s longest-lived mining city and home to one it’s most resilient mining communities.

The local community know the place is special. From the geological wealth and mining history; to its stunning outback vistas and night skies; to its reputable place in art and film; and its contribution to social history and worker’s rights. Broken Hill is deserving of the prestigious citation it received in 2015 as Australia’s Fist National Heritage Listed City.

At the heart of this resilient community there lies a strong connection to the past and the way that it will pave a way towards the future.

The ‘key’ to true engagement in Broken Hill is to localise campaigns and communications and to be present in places that matter to locals. To engage with their love of storytelling, their heritage, art, film and events. To be alongside them at community functions, festivals and celebrations. To be there with them when they proudly share their home town with visitors. Ideally, it also involves empowering their future through training and the development of a legacy project that amplifies their values, adds vibrancy and provides opportunity for future mine readiness and economic transformation.

Our Vision

To build enduring relationships with the Broken Hill community, characterised by mutual commitment, openness and shared respect.

Our Objectives

To maintain a flow of communication that informs the Broken Hill community about the mining of Cobalt and its value for the future.

To consult in order to better understand what is important to the community.

To involve stakeholders in identifying issues and opportunities facing the community.

To collaborate on projects that enhance the economic prosperity and social wellbeing of the community.

To empower the community through contributing towards employment, education, wellbeing, social vibrancy and economic diversification.