Pilot Plant Update

COB has committed to building a metallurgical testing centre in Broken Hill. The plant will provide reliable testwork data for incorporation into the upcoming
Feasibility Study in 2021.


  • COB has committed to build a metallurgical testing centre in Broken Hill. This will include a Demonstration Plant for testing COB minerals processing technology to produce cobalt sulphate from pyrite samples sourced from the Broken Hill Cobalt Project.
  • Commissioning of the plant is targeted for mid 2020, followed by processing up to 4,000 tonnes of sample.
  • This facility will support (a) the Feasibility Study for the Broken Hill Cobalt Project, and (b) the evaluation of applying the technology to other projects under the COB Partnerships framework.
  • Construction of Pilot Plant critical equipment has begun, with the first key equipment scheduled to arrive on the plant site (Broken Hill) in Q1 2020.